The power of language and prejudice

Language is an incredibly powerful tool which can be used to invoke different emotions whether it be positive or negative. Language is super powerful but it is only as powerful as the meaning behind it, if the emotions are expressed correctly or incorrectly it can make someones day, or ruin it. Language has been used to stop anything from wars to a mere disagreement. Language has the power to influence the way one thinks about a certain topic or even how they feel about themselves, this makes it extremely influential and even destructive in some cases.

Prejudice is a tricky thing, it is damaging to ones mentality but only to the extent of which the effected lets it. However it becomes much harder to drown out the voices of the oppressors when what they say is said by more people, or it is believed by society, when this happens your mind begins to morph to fit these new beliefs.

When negative things are said to you or you are excluded from the rest of society you begin to feel secluded, empty and without purpose, like leaves blowing in the wind aimlessly, with no purpose. The more times a thing is said the more our mind thinks about it and tries to rationalize it to make it believable, this is true when you look at the most successful people in the world. Most successful people have affirmations to keep their mentality in good spirits, since thoughts and beliefs carry out through your day to day actions. What you say to yourself and what others say to you creates your inner voice and what you believe to be true to you.

What makes prejudice so damaging is it is so powerful that it makes you believe even the most unbelievable things. Say someone looks down upon your culture, you’ll discard it and not think about it too much, but when that thought becomes the belief of the general population, it then becomes incredibly hard to ignore and eventually your own mind comes to believe it.


There have been many studies done that show the correlation between how the more prejudiced a person is, the more depression and anxiety they feel, this is again because they way others feel influences the way we feel. This can be seen in historical events such as the holocaust where pre conceived notions of inferiority caused the effected to believe what was being said.

A Branch of English Found in Another World

I grew up in what could be called the golden age of call of duty. As a little kid I grew up watching my brother play call of duty 4 and modern warfare 2. When watching I would hear things like 360, quick-scope and I always wondered what they meant, that all changed when I got my very own xbox. I started my journey into gaming back in 2011 when mw3 was released and I began to try my best at a game i’d never played. My first few games didn’t go too well and as you might expect I did the only reasonable thing which was go on youtube and learn. This was when I discovered trickshoting. This style of play was when you used a sniper and jumped off of a position of height in effort of hitting your opponent while you were spinning in the air and no scoping them, this required a ton of skill, timing and practice.

In 2012 I got black ops 2 and I started trickshoting too, I went for 720 instaswaps, nacs, 1080 sui’s all of which might sound like gibberish to some but would make perfect sense to any cod fan. I also became very into quickscoping which I was inspired to do more of when I stumbled across a successful indigenous call of duty player who goes by the name of pamaj. His youtube clips were insane and again I was flooded with new vocabulary such as a collateral, on screen 5, quad feed and many others.

There are many different dialects and slang in the english language and I believe it’s just to create a sense of belonging amongst a group of similarly inclined people, and this new branch of english found within video games gave me some pretty fun moments.

Heres some examples of trickshoting and quickscoping if you haven’t seen it before.

Living off of The Land ( blog post 3)

When reading Moon of The crusted Snow by Waubgezhig Rice there were many conflicts occurring as the story progressed. One of the main characters Terry Megis who was the chief of his reserve had one very big problem. This problem was the supply trucks stopped coming to restock the stores in the community, which he was in charge of. He needed to figure out a way to feed his people as the food caches were running low.

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When John Scott came to the garage where the food was being handed out on ration day he had seen people fighting in line. When he seen how desperate they were getting he walked into the garage and told Terry and the Councillors  that he knew supplies were running low and that the community would descend into chaos soon. Scott also foreshadowed that he had a plan to survive and that they knew what it was.

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I believe that this was when Terry and the other band members realized how big this problem was becoming.  Within the book many people were becoming skinny and peoples cheeks began to hollow out. There needed to be another way of getting food now that starvation approached the people who didn’t hunt. It was so bad that John Scott stole a body from the morgue which was his plan to survive.

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To solve this issue I think everybody should contribute, it should be made mandatory for everyone to hunt and trap. If some people didn’t know how to hunt, people like Dave, Evan and Isaiah could teach them. This would bring back the sense of community and the Anishinaabe way of teaching. In addition I think it would solve the issue of hunters believing it was not fair that people got handouts. 





First impressions on “Moon of the Crusted Snow”

What stood out to me

When Evan first describes his hunting experience, he talks about how he he was walking to his ATV when he spotted a perfect clearing to wait for a moose. I pictured this situation in my head within places I have been on my ATV that may match his description. Another thing that stood out to me was within chapter 3 when Evans father Dan described his dream of people standing around a huge fire. They started this fire in effort to draw the animals out to hunt. Dan says these practices were only resorted to when they absolutely had to. This goes back to the first chapter when Evan speaks of  a hard winter coming, this makes me a little concerned as Dan has envisioned what seems to be a very harsh winter when people are starving. In our culture dreams are a thing that can warn us of that will occur which makes me think that a very tough time may be upon the main characters.

                                                        Photo by Eric Gerhardy on Unsplash

Connections to the Text

I think one of the main connections to be made with the text is that not all communities get support from the government like we do. Some communities have no choice but to hunt wild game since food prices get higher the further north you go, due to transportation costs.  Also not all communities aren’t as blessed as we are when it comes to support from within, whether it be sharing food, driving people to the city, community events to help each other out.

How I felt while reading

I felt that maybe the descriptive nature of the text may be a little too excessive especially during the hunting, but maybe that’s just because I grew up around similar people, and have experienced similar situations. I felt a little bad for the animal that he killed and was thrown off by the fact that he described every detail of cutting it up. I myself am Vegan so I have sympathy for these animals due to the fact that killing them for food is not needed, as all nutrients can be found within plants in similar, or greater quantities. I also know of the pain that animals go through in factory farming and all the practices that occur so I felt for that animal that Evan had shot. I also know that from what I read so far is that hunting is a must within this community as food prices are high. I may not agree with the killing of animals for those in wealthy or centralized populations but I do think it may be justified by survival which might be the case within this book. I also felt a sense of worry for the sake of Evan and his family since the vision that his father had seemed quite realistic.


I think there will be some sort of conflict occurring soon since cell service is out, WiFi is out and people are a little worried. Dan has also had a dream that sounds very real and would make sense if it happened since a hard winter is upon them. In addition from what I have read there isn’t much outside support from the government which could be bad.


Do the people of the community actually begin to starve ?

Why was Evan not following his traditions before ?

What caused Evan to get back in touch with his traditions ?

does the dream in chapter 3 come into fruition ?

What is the purpose of  the foreshadowing ? Is something going to happen ?

”The Island” Connection between language and power


While reading the short story titled “The Island” I found that there were many different meanings and elements to the story when using the prompt provided. This prompt allowed me to delve into what the author was trying to portray when talking about the protagonist and their trials and tribulations described.

How does power emerge in “The Island”? How is the connection between language and power revealed in the quote? 

Within the text power emerges when the protagonist is refusing to allow himself to be helped, but instead he chooses to do everything on his own and as stated in the text this shows that he is an eccentric and non-conformist.  The quote is speaking on the fact that a few words has the power to start a movement in a matter of seconds, the writer is also talking about how powerful communication is. The connection here may be that if people would have just listened to the man in “The Island”  instead of calling him crazy and wanting him to be in a psychiatric ward he may have not have been so against being helped. Power emerges when the social worker revers to him as a non-conformist and an eccentric. Meanwhile those who didn’t see him as he was labeled him as crazy, this label is thus robbing him of power since these people are putting him down instead of building him up. This short story really shows how society treats others badly if they are too different from the crowd.

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Language is power

I believe what is being said within this quote is the intent of what is being said matters just as much as the words being said. In addition to the idea that intent can change the meaning of what is being said, words can also change the way someone thinks.

Showcase portfolio

Book-to-Movie Review: The 5th Wave | Read. Breathe. Relax.


Portfolio Thesis 

The 5th Wave explores how war and rebellion create allegiances and enemies that challenge the characters’ perspective on identity and, ultimately, change who they are.  




The fifth wave is book written by Rick Yancey and it is  a sci-fi type book that is set in a war stricken version of what used to be Ohio. After the others(aliens) came to the Earth all they have done was try to wipe out the human race.  on a journey to save her brother Cassie and Evan end up taking out their main base and showing them the human race won’t go so easily. My showcase portfolio will include a thematic essay, remix and also a concept map. In this showcase portfolio I write about the challenges Cassie must over come and how she wont let anything stop her from achieving her goal. I definitely enjoyed reading this book and I don’t regret choosing it, this book is exactly the type of book I like to read. 


Thematic essay thesis 

The 5th Wave explores how the protagonist, Cassie, won’t let anything stop her from achieving her goal, which helps us realize that determination can overcome all odds.  



Thematic essay  



What are the 5 waves? They are attacks that the others used to wipe out most of earths population the first wave was an e.m.p they did this in order to cut off all lines of communication because an e.m.p cuts off all electronics. The second wave was when the others dropped a giant metal rods into the oceans this created huge tsunamis and wiped out all the major coastal cities. The third wave was a disease that the others created they called it the red death this was a blood plague that made your own blood toxic to you, ultimately it killed you and you exploded , if the remnants came in contact with anyone they would get it too, this plague was spread by birds and the disease was air borne. The fourth wave was the silencers which is what Cassie called them because they silenced you for good with their rifle. The last and final wave was using human children as others the reason why this ws so effective was because most adults wouldn’t have it in them to kill a child even if it cost them their life. The others took the children from the parents and told them they would keep them safe but they would take them and train them to kill adults by tricking them with a special helmet that indicates that humans are aliens. 



In this book the fifth wave Cassie  is desperately trying to survive the alien attacks but in the 3rd wave she losses her mother as she was a front line worker for disease control and treatment.  after that her father decided they should go to a refugee camp, once they finally thought it was safe from the others(aliens the camp was attacked by others(aliens), they were disguised as soldiers, first they took away all the children including her brother then rounded up all the people in the mess hall and opened fire ,  in the chaos Cassie managed to slip away but two soldiers seen her and started opening fire but she evaded them in the woods she doubled back and seen them blow the camp up with a bomb that looks like it was not from Earth. This is when she learns that the entire army is aliens. When Cassie embarks on a journey to get her brother she is shot but even this cant stop her and she is saved by Evan and together they attack the alien base. On their way to the military base where they are holding the children they are attacked by a squad of seemingly fully trained soldiers but Evan takes them out, after closer examination of the bodies they see that they are children this is when they learn that they are using children as soldiers to exterminate the remaining people that survived the initial first 4 waves. Even after these obstacles she is still determined to get her brother , Cassie infiltrates the highly guarded military base and gets her brother out with seemingly impossible odds but she still over comes the obstacles. These are all evidence that Cassie wont let anything stop her from achieving her goal which is getting her brother and she does with sheer determination and will power. 


Mind map link 



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The Fifth Wave persuasive essay

The Fifth Wave is a story of relationships that emerge during an alien colonization attack of the planet earth.  The planet earth is being attacked by aliens whose goal is to colonize our planet and to make way for alien settlement.  Aliens prepare to colonize earth with some effective strategies to ensure the takeover will be smooth.  The attack is achieved through waves as the aliens begin to disable the power of the earth’s inhabitants.

The colonization of earth takes the form of several waves of attack on the humans of earth.  The wave of attack includes the First Wave the aliens cut off all power on earth and the humans military power is essentially cut off.  The Second Wave the aliens drop a metal rod into the ocean and caused a major tsunami killing off many humans along the coastal cities.  The third wave the aliens use the birds to spread disease among the humans killing off huge populations.  The Fourth Wave silencing the population and the humans no longer trust no one.  The Fifth Wave is attacking the humans directly using the children as soldiers of war.

With the alien take over cutting off power supply has created major issues for the humans.  They can no longer communicate as the reliance on communication is through technology.  Humans can no longer make phone calls or text with others.  Transportation is also cut off and humans can no longer move about or escape attack.  The technology from the cars and automobiles are all disabled except for the military vehicles with older technology.  The Aliens create environmental destruction by creating storms and floods which kill off huge populations and destroy communities where rebuilding would be difficult. All the houses and cities are flooded, high building are knocked off their foundations.  The diseases created by birds which can transport the disease through the country will destroy human populations all over the land.  The red death virus kills off all health care providers and doctors that would normally heal peoples.  Humans are not sure the form the aliens take on and no longer trust anybody.  Anyone can be an alien and this creates mass confusion and no trust.  The lead character Cassie is unsure who is human and accidentally shoots a human that was clutching a crucifex, mistaking it for a gun.  Humans trust no one as anyone can be an alien.   Children are used through disception to kill humans using eye wear technology which makes them believe they are killing aliens.  Aliens use children as they are innocent and do what they are told and they are gullible.

In this book the strategy to colonize earth is quite similar to the ways humans colonize other parts of the world.  The Fifth Wave is about colonization by aliens to earth but this book has parralels to human colonization by humans to other parts of the world.  In this book colonization happens in this way.  Aliens cut off lines of communication, create disasters, spread disease, create distrust, and create armies using human populations.  In North America the Europeans colonized First Nations in similar fashion through cutting off lines of communication, economic disaster, spreading of disease, creating distrust and using Indigenous armies to fight other Indigenous armies while taking over land.

The Fifth Wave thematic essay

This essay is about the book The 5th Wave in which the character Cassie is the lead character trying to survive the invasion of earth by aliens.  I especially enjoyed this book because I am a video gamer that enjoys these kinds of storylines that involve aliens and destroying enemies during war.  My favourite video games are Call of Duty and Battlefield in which the game goes through stages with challenging the enemies.  At each stage the difficulty gets harder and harder but more enjoyable.  The 5th Wave explores how the protagonist, Cassie, won’t let anything stop her from achieving her goal, which helps us realize that determination can overcome all odds. This movie follows a similar story line.  I think that the movie breaks down into three areas, the 5 waves that occur prior to the war, the relationships that Cassie has with her family and new friends and losses she experiences. Finally, the invasion begins with aliens taking on human life forms for colonization.

The first wave starts with the aliens cutting out the hydro electric power and all machinery including cars can no longer function.  The second wave a large tsunami like wave hits most of earth and drowns out many living things including humans.  The third wave the birds carry disease and kills many people.  The disease kills many people and the aliens are impacting all of human life.  The fourth wave the aliens silence everyone and no one trusts anybody.  The army is used to take over the world.  The fifth wave begins and Cassie can no longer trust anyone not even the army.  She sees the army kill all the adult including her father.

In Cassie’s family she has her mother, father and brother.  Cassie is a young 16 year old girl she loses her mother early on because her mom was a front line worker assisting the sick.  Later, her father is killed by aliens, the aliens take on the form of military soldiers.  The parents trusted the soldiers but the aliens were very deceptive.  They killed the parents to get to the children. The children were used as child soldiers to kill aliens.  Only the aliens deceive the children as they prepared them to kill aliens by using false alien technology.  The technology misrepresents humans as aliens.  The aliens wanted the children to kill the humans.  Cassie builds a relationship with a human she believes that would assist her.  We later learn the human whose name is Evan is really an alien .  Later, Evan and Cassie together save her brother Sammy from the Aliens.  Cassie teaches Evan about human relationships and love.  The alien Evan learns that love is the most important thing to being human.  He chooses to be human and he is in love with Cassie.  Cassie, Evan and Zombie work together against all odds to save Sammy and later to save the human race against all odds.  Cassie’s determination overcomes many challenges but she will prevail.  As well, the female character Ringer plays an important role in this movie, through her rebellious side we learn the alien deception of wanting the children to kill humans.  She removes her signal marker from her neck.  We learn that the aliens are really humans.  It was the aliens that tried to deceive the children.

Finally, we learn that the aliens want earth to colonize earth for thier own needs.  So they try to take over earth for their own people.  This story is similar to other colonization plans.  Such as Europeans destroying thier lands and coming to North America.  I would imagine First Nations felt the same way when aliens from Europe began to take over their lands.  The First Nations fought many wars to prevent take over.  Similar waves probably happened with technology, diseases and death.  In the end I enjoyed the 5th Wave as the story of strong relationships overcomes aliens.  With colonization we learn that change happens and people can get destroyed.